Hector’s Hurl

heck hurl

Hector’s Haul

Sir James Hector would have been proud to see the race that bares his namesake and the small contingent of mean looking mountain runners that came out to race 3800ft from the bottom to the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

On Aug 15 KHMR reserected the Hector’s Haul as a mountain trail race and the event had the feel of a soon to be local classic.  The course had us grinding up service roads past Boo’s Den and lead us up to enter Bowl Over and onto the newly built hiking trail to the top.

Competition was fierce yet friendly as Steve and I duked it out to the top.  We were neck and neck most of the race but in the end there was a bit more of a spring in my mighty chicken legs and in front of a small(non-existant) crowd I felt sweet, sweet victory.  On the women’s side, Steve’s wife Deb bust a gut and stole the show as the first lady accross the line, proving she was the Queen of the Mountain.

Even with the small showing the race turned out to be a really fun event and a great training exercise.  I’m stoked for next year’s Hurl to see a few sub 60min times and to see if I have to up the ante with my friendly, beer wager.


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