The Radium Headbanger Challenge

where's waldo startline pic..... hint-white shades

where’s waldo start line pic
*hint* white shades

On September 26 I headed down to Radium for the second annual Headbanger Challenge trail race.

It was a really fun race and the course was awesome!  It was so nice to be able to rip around on 10 km’s of buff Parks Canada trail.   The vertical gain was about 750 meters and definatly kept racers honest, it felt like we climbed forever.

Some points I brought home from the race were-

  • good, fast switchbacking will gain you major ground over the long haul.  It seemed to me like I gained a half or full second per switchback on some others.  I attribute that to rando racing, and how we’re always thinking about economy of motion.
  • always giver on the downs (just like skimo racing) you can catch other racers as they try to rest.  I was really impressed with my new sportiva crosslites, it seemed like I had the extra confidence that my feet would stick wherever I put them.
  • It feels good to run with the lead group.
  • It doesn’t feel so good when they drop you in the first 500m

I was happy with my race, I flopped around in the 7th,8th and 9th spot for the last half of the race.  I finished 8th though after a really tough all-out sprint to the line where the other guys just had more gas in the tank.

Friends of Kootenay and Parks Canada deserve huge thanks for putting on such a fun friendly race.  Checkout for more info on the race.



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