Gobble Gobble

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

jam packed start gates

jam packed start gates

We’ve started a new Thanksgiving tradition in the Gale family, the running of the Royal Victoria Marathon.  It was actually Reiner’s idea last year, he was going to school at UVIC and we were there to visit my mom anyway so we thought we’d give it a go. “It” being the 8km race…. 42 km on pavement, I don’t think so.

galefore given'er

galefore given'er

We got such a kick out of it that we made a deal with my fam that we all would do it next (this) year.  So as the start gun fired and all 2000+ racers in the start gates surged forward, the Gale family took off with them.  It was a great way to see the race, goofing off with my bro and stopping half way for about 20 minutes to cheer for Shauna as she completed the Half-Marathon(2:01). 

I think we may have quadrupled Simon Whitfield’s time, but I bet we felt a whole lot better after the race than he did…

you call that a taser?

you call that a tazer?


2 Responses

  1. I bet Simon got donuts, though! Next year we’ll have to bring a box of Tim Horton’s in the car so we can celebrate with more than multigrain bagels and orange segments

  2. mmmmmmm doughnuts and chocolate milk

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