Nipika Race Report by Billie

This Spring, I started the running season off with a very enjoyable 25 km Trail Race, Hosted by Nipikia Eco Resort.The Annual Crazy Sole Nipika Trail Run is a family event where runners of any ability can enjoy themselves.  With a 25 km loop, 10 km loop, and 3 km race for the kids.  The course was superb, lots of river crossings, awesome Rocky Mountain scenery and exciting signal track that kept me on my toes.

happy feet

happy feet

 My enjoyment was slightly hindered by the hideous blisters I was developing from wearing shoes that were two sizes too small. In my usual style I showed up to the race completely unprepared.  I love running because it is a simple sport that requires minimal gear, mainly a pair of good trail shoes… but somehow in my early morning fluster I managed to even forget this mandatory component.  Frantically I tried to get my hands on some shoes before the race.. Invermere’s Running Shop: Crazy Soles had a booth set up so I tried to buy some but they did not have my size… In a random act of kindness, Beva, the owner of Crazy Soles lent me her own personal running shoes.  Although the I managed to get the shoes on my feet they were two sizes too small. After 4 km I could feel the blisters starting, my stubborn nature had the best of me and I decided to grin and bare it for the race… only 21 more km to go, I could heal my feet up later.

I made it over the finish line in about 2 and a half hours and immediately took off Beva’s pretty pink shoes for a little relief.  I had no idea blisters could get so big!  It took 2 weeks before I could even think of putting anything on my feet besides flip flops, and another week before I dared run again.


 It was a wonderful event capped with a BBQ and and casual awards ceremony afterwards. I look forward to doing the Nipika Race again next year only this time I will make sure to bring my own runners and probably a back up pair just in case.  Thanks again Beva!!! )


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