Root Romp Race Report cooked by Reiner

-10km trail
-650 meters of steep hills
Now spread the hills over the course but make sure to have a really steep long one at the start, the end and every where.  Then cover with rocks(boulders), roots, mud and finally let it all sit and spray it down with some water. 
Once all the ingredients are together it is best served the weekend after thanksgiving on a cold day and if all goes to plan you should have served up one of the toughest 10k`s in the world that will take at least 7 minutes longer to cook and will really roast you.
Start line

Start line

This years Root Romp was served to 50 diners all with equal opportunity to chomp down and enjoy some cartilage bursting juicy-ness.   

The feast started out very fast as Cory Wallace stormed out the gates with a staggering pace much like a dog that has been teased by placing a bowl of meat scraps to its snout.  The rest of the pack followed with lactic acid quickly setting in spreading things out prematurely.  It was a new dynamic to the race and Cory succeeded in his mission of self sacrifice to make this race a little more interesting since it was so dull to begin with…  After a couple hundred meters of climbing the trail levels off and everyone starts to prepare for the next onslaught of hills. 

ankle grabbers

ankle grabbers

For a skimo racer this is a dream run and on the hills you really feel like you can just take her easy and still be going really fast in comparison to the other racers.  The uphill’s are your rest period and you start to dread the flat stretches however when the downhill comes you can just open her up and sprint full gait breathing even harder than climbing up!  The course wraps around a couple lakes and closes back in completing the 10km loop.  With this skimo conditioning “Reiner Thoni“ ended up breaking the course record by 2 min 20 seconds  with a time of 42:33 and Michael D`Antonio also breaking the old course record came in second with a time of 44:31 third belonged to Glenn Mack with a time of 47:33.  The top Female Loni Klettl a renowned athlete came in with a time of 55:57, while second went to Dawn Glover clocking in at 56:05 and Laurel Shuttleworth took third with 59:47.

This was the 20th anaverisry of the root romp and another great chance to get out and run some beautiful trails with friends.


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