Geeking Out

Well, it’s that time of the season when I’m thinking about ski racing but, there’s no ski racing to be done.  So I usually end up scouring the interweb for all things skimo related.  The most interesting to me are the euro sites, where I can get ideas for training, race gear or course setting.  Pictures and videos are nice, but I usually have to use the Google Translater for any text…

Here’re the sites I check out:

The Swiss National Team’s Blog –

The Catalonian Team’s Blog 

The French Federations Page

Italian Race News

Kiwi Race News

Austrian Cup (the Dachstien Extreme could be the coolest race on the planet… and the inspiration for the DTD)

Canuckistan Cup

American Cup

These are a few of the ones I frequent.  If there’s any I’m missing that you guys like add them in the comments and I’ll put em on the list…


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  1. Seeing the Euro’s train makes me so pumped to get out and train all day all night! Yet I’m at work right now, thanks for making a long day longer! LOL.

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