The Big Show

andorra-logo-worldsWell we just bought our tickets to Andorra for March, I’ve conviced Shauna that watching me rando race would be a great way to spend part of our honeymoon. 

The Golden Skimo team as part of the national team will be racing in the World Cup races March 1-7, and Billie and Reiner will compete in the Pierra Menta after that(expect RR’s from them).  I’ll be blogging regularly through the WC week, and usually posts daily as well.(If you want to hear about how really fast kids are doing). 

 There is 5 different races to compete in and the decision has been made to bring as many folks over to Europe as possible (12ish people), I’m hoping to race the teams race, the vertical and maybe the relay.  Sounds like Billie may do almost all of the races and Reiner’s keen on the vertical, teams and individual.   Bringing a huge troop over is a great call on Dave Dornian’s part as it’s going to progress the Canadian scene by light years.  I’m really pumped on racing in Europe (and the rest of the Honeymoon after (Haute route, Chamonix, Barcelona…)). 

kilian%20jornetr_U8I0840_thumbnailThe Itinirary for the week is….ambiance_U8I0640_thumbnail

  1. Feb 28th- Meeting, check in, dinner.  
  2. Mar 1st – Vertical Race
  3. Mar3rd- Individual
  4. Mar 4th- Youth
  5. Mar 5th- Team race
  6. Mar 6th- Relay

 Click here for the 2010 Andorra World Championships hompage

More RR’s from the American teams at the 08 SMWC…  Nina Silitch‘s blog &


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