Ski-specific Training(kind of)

I finally ventured our into the highcountry today to see how much snow was about.  I bailed out of ski plans with Steve and felt pretty guilty about it so I figured I should get off my butt.  After grabbing the mutt and the tire chains (just in case), I headed towards Holt Creek in the Purcells.


access granted

There’s not enough snow to consider my day out as skiing, I’d say more like an adventurous day out with skis on my feet.  It was good exercise though and I got a chance to see how things are shaping up.  After starting out in the rain with about 10 cm’s on the road, I didn’t get to the freezing level until about 5400 ft.  There was about 1000 ft of raincrust and schmoo so things didn’t really start looking “good” until about 6500 ft.


Holt/Back of the Teeth


the hound

Once a little higher, underneath the back of the Teeth with about 45 cm’s and the wind blowing I could almost pretend it was winter.  Anyone see the rain crust Ruby’s talking about from the latest Skiing golden conditions update in the picture below? 


The turns down were very cautious and in the backseat, it was good to get out and stretch the legs, do some intervals and walk the dog but I wouldn’t really rush out to do it again.  Guess I’m going to have to practice some more patience…


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  1. […] ridge that looked too good not to follow so we continued north and shredded another down into Holt creek off of the back of the Repeater. Finally, we summoned the last of the strength in our legs and […]

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