Trick or treat? Halloween with Reiner

Inspired by pushing our bikes through 50km of snow on the north boundary trail a few days previous, we decided to head up to 6000 feet to find out how the skiing was!  Equipped with rock skis and 3 days worth of food we made our way 22km up Dave Henry creek deep into the Rockies. 


Pushing our bikes along the Jasper northern boundry trail

Walking on about 1-5 cm of snow for about 10km we were starting to become concerned about our prospects up high.  The potential for good skiing was starting to look slim but then out of the blue while crossing an avalanche path we looked up and it had ran!  This could mean only one thing, that there was a reasonable amount of snow up high!


Some of the terrain around the Dave Henry Cabin

 The pace quickened and we were on skis at 4000 feet, shortly after we hit about 75cm at 5000 feet and by the time we got to the hut at 6000 feet it was well over a meter with a great base and 15-20 cms of light fluffy sitting on top.  This was indeed a happy Halloween and over the next couple days we collected our treats with some of the best early skiing I have ever had. 



Despite having only a month and a half break since skiing in NZ my body was still in summer mode and skiing felt out of place.  I’m not sure if this is a normal thing but I really couldn’t believe how hard everything was.  It took most of the first day to grow back my winter coat but by the end of the day I was getting used to skiing again.  Especially fun was skiing with hundreds of Canadian geese flying over us. 

Really looking forward to venturing into the Monashee’s and Caribou’s over the next week as its looking really good all accross the board.  Now all we need is a decent dump down to valley bottom and we wont have to walk the first couple 1000 feet!

Happy Halloween


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