Tiki Torch tips and tricks

The following is a list of mini tips and tricks that’ll help people out with the new Tiki Torch race.  The night relay and vertical race are new formats in Canada so there will definatly be some lessons learned on race night.

1.   Pace.  how fast is fast enough? how fast is too fast?  Well it’s a tricky one, you want to go the fastest possible pace that you can keep up for about half an hour.  If it hurts you’re going the right speed, if it’s excruciating, taker down a notch.

2.   Get your changeover dialed.  On such a short race course every changeover second, percentage wise, counts for more. Study this vid and then practice, practice, practice….

3.   Fresh batteries in your headlamp, the brighter it is, the faster you can ski.

4.   Clear goggles/glasses.  Skiing without eye protection really sucks.

5.   Study the Start/Finish relay hand off area, make sure you’re on the line when your partner is coming through. 

6.   Don’t take it too seriously, it’s the first race of the season.  It is supposed to be fun.

Want to hear more tips on racing in general?  Click here for Stano’s take on www.Skintrack.com


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