Rando Camp # 2 -day 1

heading to the col

The National Skimo Team got together this weekend for our second rando training camp of the season.  Based out of Revelstoke and Roger’s Pass the 3 days were rammed full of great low intensity training miles and team building.

Friday was slated for a day of touring at Roger’s Pass.  After a slow start the 9 of us finally got our poop in a group and wandered up to Balu pass and over the other side towards Catamount Pk.  It’s really unusual to move so quickly in a large group and it was cool to ski with so many keen people, everyone rallied and broke lots of trail!


We did manage to get up to the summit ridge of Catamount but turned around 20m from the peak due to spooky, hollow feeling slab and the exposure.   The east ridge was a mix of verglas rocks and thin windslab and didn’t ski all that well, but as we worked our way back to the col and into the Cougar Brook the conditions deepened and softened, into fabulous hero snow.


regrouping on the summit ridge



We skied back to the van just as the sun was setting and pointed it west to Revelstoke where we went straight to the pool and soaked our bones for an hour …and maybe hit the waterslide once or twice while we were at it.  Next was dinner and a drink at Julie and Jeff’s then off to bed.  A great day for sure.


5 Responses

  1. Such good skiing, total hero snow!

  2. Looks like you guys had some good times this weekend. Sorry I missed it indeed. See you all next weekend……..

    • We were thinking about you out there, we’ve been talking about another camp already, mid december to mid jan sometime. See you in a few days-tiki torchin.

  3. Wow. Blue sky at Roger’s Pass! A rare occasion these days…. Looks like you guys had a great weekend.

    • It feels like it’s been 2 years since I’ve had skiing like that up there…. I’m sure you’re getting some good days in up there too.

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