Keeping the Balance

It is far too easy to go too hard in our training programs. We can ski too much (if there is such a thing) and forget to keep our bodies and minds happy and healthy.  A clean diet and yoga program can be valuable tools to prevent injury and increase athletic ability.  Working a short yoga practise into your regular training routine can increase flexibility, balance, range of motion, strength and calms the mind.
Since skiing is such a repetitive sport there is a tendency to over use the hip flexors, pound the knees and fatigue tendons.  A yoga practise will focus your attention on your body’s movement rather than external outcomes that other aspects of a training program focus on solely.  This gives body awareness and will help you recognize when you are doing more harm than good.
There are many forms of yoga, stretching and pilates that are all very beneficial as cross training.  As a skier I feel there are some areas you should focus on in your practise.
  • Core strengthening such as Plank pose, Dolphin pose, Boat pose.  A strong core is the building block for a healthy body
  • Balance poses to improve concentration
  • Warrior poses give strength and stability to the legs
  • Hip openers to keep the hip flexors mobile 
  • Deep forward bends to keep the hamstrings long and strong
  • Back bends and reverse bridges to keep the smaller muscles in your back strong and active
  • Lunges give endurance
Find what works for you and practise often to see the benefits.  10 mins a day is better than a 1 hour session once a week.
Have any questions for Billie?  Leave any in the comment section and she’ll be happy to answer them.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Billie – can you tell me what would be the most beneficial yoga moves I could do in 10 minutes everyday to get some flexibility back into my body??

  2. Hi Sharon,
    We all tighten up differently depending on what daily activities you do. Once you start doing a bit of yoga you will begin to see what areas you will need to work on more. I recommend you check out…
    This is the online resource that I use daily to enrich my own practice and understanding of yoga. They have a plethora of video on the site and loads of information. You will be able to find short yoga flows here that would be a great part of your daily routine.
    Thank you for your reply.

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