Fartlek Training on the Siftons

The Golden Skimo crew found ourselves out at Mr Roger’s Pass today for a training mission.  After a good rest day our goal was a longer ski, some long slow distance training and some tempo/race pace laps mixed in.  To spice things up we all were riding our race sticks to try to get a better feel for how they perform. 

We ventured up Griz shoulder to Little Sifton first off and found ourselves alone at the top ready to point em down.  I was pleasantly surprised with the skiing quality, they’ve had 10-15 cms up high on the old windslab and sastrugi and it definitely cushioned the bumps. 


A quick race pace lap and the crew was back up to the Lil Sifton col.  Lately we’ve been doing alot of structured intervals and speed training, it was really nice to have a more dynamic speed workout that wasn’t as regimented today.  The name for this type of workout is a “Fartlek session“, it was originally designed by a Swedish cross-country runner but is easy modified for skimountaineering. Plus I giggle everytime I say it.  Basically it’s a freeform style of intensity training. 

After a brief stability discussion we decided to slide down to the base of Big Sifton and see how the South-east couloir looked.  I have to admit Sifton has been on my to do list for as long as I’ve had an objectives and missions “to do” list.  We started up the line and progressed quickly, boot pen was 10-15 cms and Reiner was in the lead, a fast combo. 


the top

We quickly tagged the peak and started to make our way down the couloir.  It was in fairly decent conditions, there was a bit of rock and punchy facets at the top but that gave way to friendlier skiing below…. A nice long run down to the highway.  A beauty day and a worthy tick.  

Stats: About 7300 vertical feet. 2 summits. 7 hours.


3 Responses

  1. Good stuff boys. And how many times and how long do you usually fart during such a workout 🙂

    Over here, I am getting my share of intervals from running away from chasing Olympic security staff. But it’s not enough for proper training since they are a bit fat.

  2. You dont want to know Stano!

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