World Cup Training Camp

The International Ski Mountaineering Federation will be a holding a training camp for World Cup athletes from around the world in Italy the week before the races in Andorra.  This is a huge opportunity to round out the learning curve and get us closer to being competitive on a global scale.

The camp is held over Feb 21 to the 27th at the Etna ski slopes in Sicily and is open to any athletes with an ISMF licence.  The cost for the camp is 50 euros, and all you have to look after is your own accommodation and your breakfasts.

The guys hosting are top-level Italian coaches, they’ll help you work on the technical aspects of skimountaineering like transitions, skiing, uphill technique with skins & crampons, overall training, skiing roped up, via ferratas… check out the itinerary.

Looks like Reiner and Billie’ll be there.  Anyone else out there planning on going?


2 Responses

  1. Thinking about it, flying out with James and Stano and will be in Barcelona on the 21st, so maybe? Looks great!

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