Dogtooth Poster

First draft of the poster is ready, it’s not too late to sponser and get your company’s logo on it.

Trivia contest:  Who are the racers featured on this year’s poster (not the start line inset)?


9 Responses

  1. Kelly, Yoko, Shauna. In that order.

  2. I got it. Jeff Colvin up front, coming in behind in Jon Walsh, and Alex Wigley after!

  3. I have NO idea. I was so far ahead in the race at that point….I can’t really say…

    Let the smack begin!

    • Ha, I like it….. usually it’s Colvin talking shit

      • Well, it looks like Colvin is leading on the poster 🙂

        On that ridge I was wandering whether I could catch up to Reiner and James after my skin failed a bit ealier, however, once I saw their skiing abilities I wasn’t worried any longer 🙂

  4. Speaking of skiing abilities, I was just glad Scott Coldiron was ahead of us all after seeing what he did to you and your ski pole Stan……SNAP!

  5. oooohhh snap is right, mudslingin’ hard…..

  6. Now I am stuck with one beautiful Ski Trab pole that doesn’t have a friend.

    Anyone want to sell me the second pole? Mine is 135cm and I can cut it if it’s longer. Thanks

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