Attack Point

Over the last month and a half I have given a trial run on an amazing online training log system.  If you’re like me and you struggle to keep up your training log, let alone produce summaries then this is for you!  With you just enter in your info and it will break it all down into many different and adjustable summaries so, at the click of the mouse, you can see what you need to adjust to hit your target volumes.  Another feature that I find amazing is it gives you a running total of anything you enter like hours for each type of training or total vertical for the season.  It’s really easy to transfer your training log into this program and best of all it’s completely free!  I’m still new to this program and there is a ton of features I haven’t tried out but you can also track things like your weight, hours of sleep, resting HR etc, etc.  It would be nice to create a Skimo Canada group to compare our training logs to see where we are at in regards to other racers and what types of training produce the best results.  This is a great tool to speed up the evolution of Canadian Skimo!
Attack Point
Hope this finds everyone happy + healthy enjoying there holidays, feel free to ask questions!  It took me a few hours to transfer all my info into the program but once its all in everything is pretty self explanatory and really fun to play around with!

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2 Responses

  1. Cool website Reiner! looks like a great training tool to play around with.

  2. Will have to check it out, seems like a nice tool.

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