New Camp Products

Looks like Camp is coming out with some trick new gear this year.  I like the jacket especially, you can take it on and off while skiing, saving  precious seconds.  One of the things I’m stoked about Worlds is to check out the latest rando gear that’s available in Europe but we can’t get here because there’s such a small market for it.  Expect some blog posts regarding geeky euro racing gear.

and yes, the video is in italian….


6 Responses

  1. I must have that jacket! So cool, anything that you can do while skiing is great. Too bad Camp is so hard to get here in North America.

  2. Yah, basically to get anything from Camp you need a ship to address in the states and they forward it to you.
    Any chances of the Escape Route carrying camp stuff in the future? It seems like you guys are becoming the go-to for canadian race gear.

  3. All I can say boys and girls is make a wish list and bring it to Andorra with as much cash as you can muster!

  4. Maybe be should bring some uber Canadiana stuff like Maple syrup and Beaver pelts. We could use said items to trade for really cool skimo gear.

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