KHMR Slackcountry



The secret is slowly leaking out, Kicking Horse slackcountry could be some of the best self served skiing next to a resort.  I mean, I’m totally biased but I’ve never seen any terrain like it.  Reiner and I finished a big training block today with a long slow distance(LSD) skitour.  I’ve just been getting over my christmas cold that I seem to get every year and Reiner just got back from hanging with his family in Valemount, we both decided we needed some big days. 

Ruedi's North

The terrain is really interesting in that the south sides of all the ridges are more open, lower angle glades and the north sides are all quite steep, rocky couliors.  So if you plan your day right you can do multiple laps on really varied terrain, always ascending the mellower, treed south slopes.  To see a good terrain atlas of the KHMR slackcountry click here

We started our day with a mellow ski up Ruedi’s ridge and picked one of my favorite lines off to the north into Molar bowl.  It was a narrow and really aesthetic elevator shaft for 50 meters and then opened up and allowed for easy skiing on  the fans.  Did I mention we got 25 cms overnight?  We were sporting shit-eating grins by the time we got to the bottom. 

A couple of short 1000 ft laps on the south side of the molars in the sun and we again headed to the north and put our skins on with the amazing Dogtooth ridge looming overhead.  We bumped into friends back there that’d put a skintrack up to the Repeater ridge that looked too good not to follow so we continued north and shredded another down into Holt creek off of the back of the Repeater. Finally, we summoned the last of the strength in our legs and walked back up to the top of the Repeater ridge and skied home south to the ski area. 

Molar's North with the Dogteeth behind

The Repeater Tower Run


2 Responses

  1. Ian and Reiner … I’ve been skiiing (alpine, classic, skate, tele and boarding) for many years … and today was the best day ever!

    2nd run … 35 cm of new snow.
    Plus … epic work out.
    Made a video.

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