Reiner Speaks- An Interview with the Champ


Reiner Thoni is not only the fastest Skimo racer in Canada but one of the most down to earth, humble people I’ve had the chance to meet.  His thoughtful, honest demeanor makes him one of the best ambassadors of the sport.  Living in Golden this year made it easy for me to catch up with him and ask a few questions about racing, training and travelling.


What are your Goals for 2010?

Health and happiness are always my base line goals.  Ski mountaineering creates an amazing environment for both and supplies an amazing challenge.  I love the feeling of being beat by someone it really inspires me to make goals and find a way to get faster.  Last year it was the USA boys coming up and winning all the races.  That definitely sparked a goal in my mind to reach a new level and close the gap for 2010.  Simply put- exposure to faster people is the fastest way to get faster. A big goal for me this year is to take in alot of that exposure.

Congrats on your win in NZ, could you talk a little bit about how NZ changed your perspective on racing

To be honest it was not so much the racing in New Zealand that changed my perspective, it was meeting other racers.  Amazing people like Grant Guise, Jane Harper, Lorenzo Holzknecht, Duncan Sherrat, Alexis Poilvert and Gena Sibaev.  Seeing these athletes dedication towards racing and focus on their training really showed me that if I want to be faster it will take increased dedication and focus.

Do you feel you have a different approach to racing this year?

This year is the first year I have put aside winter forestry work in order to focus primary on racing.  I have also noticed a big shift as the Canadian racers have come together and it feels alot more like a unified team as we head to Andorra.  As a team we have hosted a couple training camps and this has really accelerated everyone’s progress as we work together to reach these new levels which has proven much faster then working alone.

Tell me about how your lifestyle-diet, exercise and  philosophy effects your training.

Eating largely a Vegan diet I need to make sure I’m getting all the proper nutrients.  At first it was a little hard to find the proper balance but I feel in the long run it is beneficial as less time is spent digesting, providing more time for training.  When I look at exercise it needs to be enjoyable, I have learned that my returns are greatly diminished the moment it is not enjoyable.  This means that there needs to be an adjustment to either the exercise environment or mentality.

What is your impression of the Canadian scene, and challenges it faces?

I personally think we and I mean the whole team have taken the next big step in Canadian skimo.  It’s only a matter of time before this step starts to metamorphosis into improved race results and participation.  Our for-bearers have created an image of showing up decked out to races in Gortex.  At the Tiki Torch Dash this December I would have to say Lycra may have outnumbered Gortex!  It shouldn’t be long before we can walk downtown wearing Lycra and not get any stares…

You’re new to Golden  what are the pros and cons that you’ve noticed so far of living here?

Well one of the obvious pros is to have vehicle access to Rogers pass and the Rockies.  Easy access makes for easy training and with such amazing terrain motivation is not a factor.  Another big pro is Golden’s geographic location in regards to the races on the Canadian skimo circuit.  Two of them are hosted at KHMR in Golden and the others are only 3-4 hours away.  The only con I have noticed is that there is alot of skiers in Golden and after a long high pressure system you have to work a little harder to find freshies.  This however can be converted into a big pro as you always have someone to ski with!

What race gear are you on this season?

I haven’t had the chance to race them yet but from now on I will be skiing Dynafits DyNA skis with ATK bindings and Scarpa’s carbon F1’s(courtesy of Grant Guise in NZ). 

What race are you most looking forward to this season-abroad and at home.

Abroad- Dachstein Xtreme

Home – Dog Tooth Dash


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