Dynafit’s NEW Race PRO Randonee Pack -Reiner goes bareback

Dynafit’s race gear innovation continues.  The Race Pro vest replaces the need for a pack and doubles up as a layer while only weighing in at only 270 grams. Its designed for easy access to all the compartments without taking the pack off   and when wearing it feels as if you are going bareback.
Race PRO
Over the last week I have had the opportunity to give it a trial run and found it to be an amazing pack for rando racing and speed missions. It takes some practice to get fast at opening the back compartments but Dynafit has attached large tabes making this job alot easier. Even with the skis on this vest it sits right while relying on its contents(shovel and probe) to support the skis. As for durability I would only recommend it for use with light race skis and equipment that does not put alot of stress on the system, if it is overloaded I would expect to run into problems. Over all I’m very happy with this pack and looking forward to the day when they incorporate this into a race suit!

Two-piece main compartment with side access

Probe and Shovel handle slot w/ top access

H20 pocket, Skin Pouch, Diagonal ski attachment and 2 gel pockets

Back Pouch for extra layers/skins/crampons ect.


6 Responses

  1. Nice review skiin’ Ian…
    Any word/thoughts on whether this would pass the 20L ISMF pack volume requirement?

    • Yo james
      it’s actually Reiner’s review, I thought they scrapped the 20 litre rule. thinking about it though, the vest is actually quite spacious when it’s not worn so then it would probably fit 20 litres of stuff, when he puts it on though it really flattens out….. It is funny for our races here you only really carry about 5 litres of stuff in your 20 litre pack. It makes sense on long tours…..

    • Hey James, I had a look at the ismf regs, as far as backpacks go it states:

      “a rucksack with sufficient capacity to hold all the equipment required by the jury during the race, with two posterior and/or lateral fastening straps for carrying skis (carrying skis in shoulder straps is not allowed). In the event of cooperation between team-mates, the carrier’s rucksack must have two independent sets of fastening straps.”

  2. At 270gm it is no necessarily very light as normal race packs are usually about 330-360gm.

    But it is definitely a product that opens eyes to doing things in a new way.

  3. Your right about the weight its not really that much of a difference (assuming you dont count it as a second layer). I found the biggest advantage was how it hugged your body with no water bottle flopping around ext//

  4. Hello

    Do I use the photos for my blog (French)

    thank you

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