The Wildlife Traverse


Mel and Reiner with the Wolverine burn behind

The Wolverine Burn

It’s quite unusual to be able to ski in a large group and still manage to move efficiently through new terrain.  On wednesday a group of 8 of us from either sides of the Selkirks managed to link together a new route at the Pass that none of us had done before. 

Mcnab dubbed it the “wildlife traverse”, we started in Balu drainage, climbed onto the Bruins glacier to Ursus creek, skied a lap on a huge primo burn on Wolverine ridge and then worked out way up the Catamount glacier to Couger brook drainage and down to the Trans Canada.

Finishing our tour by headlamp we hitched back up to the Visitors center and retrived the cars.  The closest we got to any real wildlife was the bearded, stinky folk in our group, never the less we still had a fabolous day.  Good turns, new terrain, cruxy onsights and a bit of an epic feel.   Nice work team.  total vert 11600 ft.

are we having an epic?


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