Esplanade Epic route info

I just received this draft of the map for the Esplanade Epic  from Golden Alpine Holidays.  At this point it’s the tentative route and as avalanche or snow conditions change the course may have to change also.  They’ve got a really great interactive map on their website here that you can use to reference the course.

The plan is to leave for their staging area that’s about 45min drive east of Golden early Saturday morning and fly into the Sunrise hut where everyone will start.  As you can see from the map the gnarly category stays around Sunrise lodge while the uber heads to Meadow Lodge and the elite carries on to Vista Lodge.  The course looks really exciting as it climbs big peaks and skis some nice looking north facing runs.

At this point the Elite is fulled up, but there is a wait list and if you’re interested in this category it’d be worth calling to get your name on it.  They’re really friendly at GAH so feel free to give them a call with questions, to register or to get on the potential volunteer roster. 1-888-344-6424.

They should have racer information packages ready to send out soon, where racers can get more accurate info on the itinerary, mandatory gear and a course briefing.


3 Responses

  1. sucks man. It was filled up before I even heard about it

  2. hey stevo, yah it happened really fast…. you should still try and get your name on the wait list, you never know what’ll happen. They’ve mentioned that they might try to squeeze a couple extra into the lodge. hope all is well, we’re in chamonix now, amazing……

  3. Hey Steve I’m not sure if there keen on this but maybe a few people that couldnt get on the elite list could still race the course but ski back part way to sleep in the “urber” hut as that will probaly be the one with open spots. Might be worth asking…

    There should be lots of time in the day as it doesnt look like to long of course and It would make for a nice cool down! 😉

    Best Regards

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