Mt Etna World Cup Race Report, Italy -by Reiner

After 30 hours of flying and running to catch more flights we found ourselves standing in the mediterranean on Europe’s largest volcano, Mt Etna. The town was in a buzz leading up to the race and for good reason as all the biggest names in Skimountaineering came together for the fourth race of the 2010 World Cup Circuit.

After the pre-race meeting we walked outside and to our amazement we were told that we were going to be part of a parade and we were to follow a man and his daughter holding Canadian flags. The parade winded down the tight European streets and into the center of the town where big crowds were cheering and awaiting our arrival. Each country was introduced with their national anthem and the top athletes were handed their bib numbers.

Skimo in Europe is like hockey in Canada and not just because it is popular, the start of the race is a full-on contact sport with hundreds of racers desperate to get in front of the peloton. It was quite apparent that a core group of athletes from Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain were here to win. It was Killian Jornet from Spain taking the lead with a speedy time of 1:19 followed by Manferd Reichiger only 22 seconds behind and Florent Perrier taking the third spot on podium.

The Euro women put on an amazing show and were only 14 minutes behind the top men which pu them across the line at about the same time as the top North Americans…. Yikes. 

Photo gallery Here

Full Results Here


3 Responses

  1. Nice work dude! Love the photo leading the pack. So stoked for you!

  2. Great job Reiner! Good luck to you and the rest of the Canadian team in Andorra. Wish I was there……….
    Pierra Menta??

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