The finish of the Vertical course-the peak on the left

Planes, trains and automobiles was the theme of the day, With bustling Barcelona behind us we’re thrilled to book into the hotel and reconnect with the rest of the team after a busy couple of days.

It’s amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone is about skimountaineering here, as soon as we crossed the border into Andorra we started to see posters for the Skimo Championships. Once arrived at the hotel we walked in to see racers from all countries in their team uniforms and garb, France, Italia, Czech, US, Spain, more…..

Just a few of the flags we saw as we entered

I was keen to get out and stretch my legs after a week off skis, so I headed out to check out the course for the Vertical race tomorrow. I slipped into my svelte little race suit, grabbed my skis, put on my boots and wandered out into the street and did the 3 minute walk to the base of the lift(one of probably 100 up and down the valley). Nobody even batted an eye as I skinned up the course, past lift stations, patrollers and hordes of shaky skiers. The course looks good, straight forward open groomer until the last little bit along a rocky ridge.

Things are quiet right now, we’re registered for the Vertical, and just chilling out waiting for the buffet dinner at 8. I can’t wait to race!


3 Responses

  1. …I can’t wait for you to race. Sooo happy and proud for you to even be there. Here’s to you and the rest of the Golden Skimo team – YOU ROCK!!!!

  2. Have fun racing Ian … and enjoy the Honeymoon!

    I’ll look for your race report … and honeymoon report!

  3. Enjoy the adventure, I am proud to be related….happy trails to you all.

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