Reiner bringing it home

82 racers lined up for the Vertical today, 4 of the fastest racers from each country and it was an amazing show.  Seeing the top guns from Europe do their thing was jaw dropping, they were gone in no time.  The race itself was a hypoxic blur, it hurt we put everything we had into it. 

The real standout for us was the cheering and support.  There was fans, racers of all nationalities and the rest of team Canada lining the course and when they recognised the Canadian race suits they’d go nuts screaming “Venga, Venga Can-Ah-Dah, Allez ,Allez”. 

Reiner did well with 47th place, I was 69th and Jeff Colvin was 71st.  The ladies were stars; Mel Bernier battled from the beginning and placed 19th, Julie was 25th and Bille in 28th.

On the schedule for the afternoon was the opening ceremonies, and we had no idea what was in store for us…..   There was a live band, speeches and the police blocked off the only street through town for all the racers to parade through.  Crazy.

parading through the streets of Canillo, Andorra

Tomorrow is a course preview day and only the junior racers are racing so the team will be recovering and maybe doing a bit of tax-free shopping.

Thanks to Alex for the photos, for more check out

For full race results click here


2 Responses

  1. Way to go Team Canada……………………..

  2. I say – fantastic showing for the Canadian upstarts! Good on all of you!! Best of luck in the next race.

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