Relay Race

Andrew Mcnab suffering on the last climb with Alex screaming ALLEZ

Today was the final day of competition for the World Championship, it was a beautiful day with the sun shining and no wind at all. The format for todays race was the teams relay, where 4 racers(3 on womens teams) competed on a short 600 ft vertical course that has short sections of skinning, skiing, back to skinning, then bootpacking, skinning and skiing down to finish. The idea is that it’s really fast paced, racers keep their heart rate in the redline for as long as possible and really concentrate on having strong technical and transition skills.

Billie -ball'em and go

I parked myself half way up the course and was able to see almost all of the sections, Mel, Julie and Billie teamed up and raced today and Reiner, James, Andrew and Stano competed for the men.

The best part of the race for me was to be able top see all of the Canadian team in all the different discplines of skimo, to see who’s strength lies where and what they have to work on.

It’s been a great week of racing for the team, we’ve learned a ton as racers and as a team, now we’re all packing up for our upcoming travels and looking forward to the closing banquet tonight.


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