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After sometime to reflect on the World Championships I’ve been thinking about what an amazing experience it’s been. 

The chance to line up with the worlds fastest has shown us that we’re closing the gap between us at a steady pace. The Canadian team has learned some solid lessons here, for the most part we’re doing things right, specialized gear, focused training and the beginnings of national team structure. There’s still room for improvement, we need to build a framework for a stronger more diverse team with greater direction but these things will come with time. For now we can be satisfied with our efforts, we gave everything we had at every race. It’s been encouraging to feel really welcomed in the world skimo community, we were received with great excitement from the other nations and there’s great buzz about a World Cup race in North America in the next few years. 

The team has all headed its separate directions, some to the Pierra Menta, some to keep skiing in Europe for a while and some to head home in time for their wife to have a baby, I know we all leave confident that we’ll come to the next world championships in Italy as a stronger, more competitive team. 

I think there’s enough team cunuckers that read this, so I’ll ask, what, if any lessons did you feel you learned at the world championships that’re worth sharing?


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  1. Get up front at the start. This usually goes without being said, but with so many elite athletes its a battle to where the course narrows, and if you establish you spot early on you won’t have to fight as hard for it later.

    Ski crazy ice moguls and breakable crust on your little skis, a lot. People can ski hard on those tiny sticks.

  2. it was totally an eye opener for me watching the big guns ski downhill…… It’s a noticable difference between the top ten and the rest of us.

  3. Youth. Everybody get one person under 20 to try a race in the next 3 years.

  4. I second that Jeff…we need to get as many young athletes involved as we can. Maybe a toonie race night at our local hills. Three or four per season. And keep your old race gear. Sell it to a kid for cheap and give them a ride to a race next year.

    As for personal growth. I realize that much more preparation is needed for 2011. I thought I had a clue of the caliber of racer in Europe but until I raced there…..clueless. Everything needs to get better for next year……time to get started.

    Let’s not overlook our efforts this year though. Especially our women’s side with Mel Bernier scoring two top-20s and Mel and Julie with a top-ten team effort. Solid

  5. On that note, we are offering free entry for anyone under 19, if anyone knows a local kid who’d like to try it out… let me know.

  6. I’ve been interested in trying skimo, but i’ve just too busy with university and don’t have the equipment. I’d love to get into the sport though, it seems like an excellent all around workout, and not to mention I’d be able to run up skintracks…

    • Hey Craig,

      You should try it out! warning though, after your first race you will want very expensive skis that look like they’d be better off for your sister.
      It is becoming more and more common to find used race gear though… try or sometimes MEC has really good prices on some race gear like Hagan or Trab skis and Dynafit bindings.

      • thanks man,
        maybe next year, exams are upon me! not too sure whether i’ll be wanting to buy race gear just yet, i might get some reasonably light general at gear, and use that to start.

  7. I would like to reiderate from above on how important it is to get into the right group of people. It takes allot more energy to individugaly pass 100 people on tight switch backs then it does to sprint past them all in 15 seconds! Its also a problem if you put your self into a group that is to fast as people will be cutting you off and your mental game will be suffering as you are over taken again and again.

    – Use the down hills to your advantage and adjust your skiing tecknique so that you can rest.
    – Dont hot wax your skins just rub wax on before the race.
    – For the last transition dont bother folding your skins nicely just Ball emm and GO!
    -When passing people you have to be stratigic and find the right place its better to wait and conserve energy for an efficient pass.
    -Poles: not too long or short. They should just pass under the armpit. Make sure straps are well adjusted.
    -Races are won on the uphill and lost on the downhill
    -Everyone has there own style and no style is necessarily better it is dependent on body mechanics and many variables.
    -Longer radius turns are less fatiguing than short.

    Hope that helps!


  8. What I learned at Worlds-

    -You need to train to ski (descend) at high speeds with legs that are toast..
    -Proper Acclimitization to the area the race is in is important, give yourself time to get over jet lag and the disorientation of racing in a foreign country
    -Do your best to find good food while travelling -pre and post race …but don’t worry if it’s not exactly what you’re used to. Bring as much of your own personal nutrition stuff(gels and electrolytes) as you can from home, you’re probably not going to easily find them where you’re racing
    -When checking out the course the day before, focus more on the downhills, ski as much of them as you can to look for, obstacles, poor/good snow, best line selection and flat spots
    -Don’t make the race solely about how you place, set other race goals.
    -Remember the only thing that will make you a better racer is racing…. and the Euros have been doing it since they were in their teens
    -practise, analize and dial your kick turns

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