Pierra Menta 25th Anniversary

*Blogger’s Note- I managed to track down the Reiner and squeeze a few paragraphs out of him about the prestigious Pierra Menta, between flights and racing…. thanks Reiner

photo curtesy of Jocelyn Chavy

After 4 blue bird days of spectacular racing  that totalled over 10,000 meters  of vert and almost 100km,  Billie and Reiner from Golden Skimo are happy to finally get a chance to kick back and enjoy the culture (aka alot of wine,bread,beer and cheese).

It was a pretty novel experience to be finished 2900 meters by 11am day after day and try as hard as possible to recover for the next blitzkrieg.

photo curtesy of jocelyn chavy

This was both our first time doing a multi day race so  our efficiency improved as the days progressed.  Billie’s amazing endurance was the inspiration of the race.  As the vertical built up you would see the amazement on the faces of strong male teams as they were passed by a Canadian girl with a smile on her face! Alot has been learned racing in Europe and it will be a pleasure to take this experience home with us and share it with others and apply it to our home turf!

Two more races left in Europe and then were on our way back to Canada to race the Dog Tooth Dash and the Esplanade Epic and put an end to an amazing season!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Reiner for such a great racing experience!! Can’t imagine a better partner!!

  2. Yeah Golden mixed team shredding it in Euroland! I am not at all surprised that Billie left the Euro dudes breathless, congrats on your awesome trip and achievement.

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