2010 Race Season in Review

 That’s it, that’s all folks.  What an amazing season, huge thanks to the race organisers, volunteers, bloggers and everyone who came out and raced in 2010.  It was a blast and not possible without the hardwork of many passionate folks in our small community.

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09/10 Highlights:

  • Biggest Canadian National Team to date, kicks off season with 2 organised training camps
  • Tiki Torch race-first night race in Canada, rebirth of the vertical race format
  • the 7th year of the sunshine 5000, canada’s oldest skimo race
  • Biggest canadian troupe to head to the world cup
  • First canadian entrants to the pierra menta
  • 5 other races in Europe
  • Reiner and Mel reign supreme
  • Canuck team attends ISMF camp in Italy
  • First ever fly-in exclusive backcountry race the Esplanade Epic
  • Second year of the Dogtooth Dash-longer course, faster times

Thanks again for checking in and keeping us inspired at Goldenskimo.com, it’s been a great season.


3 Responses

  1. big ups to golden skimo and canadian skimo, makin’ waves in the international scene, and makin’ one little brother proud.

  2. thanks dude, nice picture

  3. Hey kelly, makes a father proud as well. Congrats to the whole team for their hardwork and dedication and you guys deserve the GOLD…………..Cheers 🙂

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