The Crazy Soles Nipika Trail Race

Of all the qualities I look for in a race, Nipika has it all; a beautiful setting, winding and steep technical trails, friendly atmosphere and close to home!  Lyle, the owner of Nipika Resort, has built an oasis on the Kootenay River, at it’s heart is a large field with 8 cabins surronding and over a hundered kms of trail winding around his vast property.  For this event he’s partnered with Crazy Soles running store in Invermere to ensure the prizing was sweet.

I managed to drag along a whole van-load of folks out, including the infamous Skimostoke crew, Shauna and Jenny and we were fired up to meet up a strong group of runners from Golden and Revelstoke area. 

The race is a mixture of mostly single track with a few fire road sections in between.  The winding 10 and 25 km courses take you over varied terrain including riverbed, bridges, along clifftops, steep river banks to climb and open fields.


The 25 km race saw about 60 people lined up at the start line and over 75 for the 10 km.  There was definatly some fast folks in the 25k and the race was impressive to watch, the top 3 men were Jakub Sumberra,  Phil Villeneuve and Mattew Page, with top female honors going to the lightning fast Magi Scallion.  The 10 k race positions were decided early and I was really stoked with my second place finish.   Official results HERE

JC getting ready for the photo finish

Other highlights were a 3 km kids race which had over 50 rug rats running around, tasty BBQ and retail tents/expo to peruse and take all our money. 

We have an awesome summer ahead of us full of mountain runs, races and rambles.  Skimo fitness lends itself really well to summer trail racing but the crux is to intellegently shift your training volume and structure.  Next up is the Canmore Challenge in July, we were all physced in the van on the way home to get out and giver again.  I’ve even heard rumor that Reiner will be coming in from the wilds to race. YEAH SUMMER.


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