Canadian National Team Training Camp Fall 2010 -Day 1


One of the strongest assets that the North American skimo scene has is our national teams. The teams consist of folks who are passionate about racing, training and seeing Skimo grow into a widely recognised sport.  Our fall camp is a great opportunity for these rando obsessed freaks to reconnect after a busy summer, gauge overall fitness of the team and offers opportunity to discuss the upcoming season.

For the second year in a row Canmore has played host to the fall camp.  The weather was fitting as every morning when we awoke it felt like we were getting closer and closer to winter.  The beautiful part of holding the camp in Canmore is the extensive trail network for biking and running as well as the Nordic Centre that provides gym facilities, roller skiing, orienteering course and miles more of sweet single-track.  The goal for the camp was to keep the days long and challenging but the intensity low, well within the sort of effort you can keep up all day.

Day 1

One of the differences this year was the incorporation of mountain biking into the activities, which allowed us to pick trails closer to home so we could bike to the trail head instead of drive.  Billie and I headed to Canmore early Saturday morning to meet up with the crew at Steve’s place and from there we all jumped on our bikes and rode south to the Three Sisters trailhead.   Our goal was the middle sister and after an hour of biking we parked the steeds and started the grind up with one eye on the rough talus trail and the other on the brooding dark sky.

With the dark clouds and thunder rolling in from the west we quickly tagged the summit, snapped a few pics and headed down the loose trail for home.  The quick pace and busy day hardly left the chance to recharge before the afternoon session at the gym with Jeff.  One of the benefits of having a team with diverse backgrounds is that everyone has a useful skill-set to share with the rest. As Jeff  is finishing his Crossfit certification and with his football background he led an awesome information session at the Canmore Nordic center on weight lifting technique and the applications for skimo. 

We finished the evening with a team meeting at the Alpine Clubhouse with Dave and Ryan, and got a feel for the upcoming calendar and discussed the growth and direction that we’d like to see the sport develop.  The team is focussed this year on driving more race entries, greater awareness through the media and tweaking the format of the races to make them less intimidating and more enjoyable to first time racers.

 Stay tuned tomorrow for day 2


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