Canadian National team training camp 2010 -day 2

Day 2 

the view from the parking lot... the ceiling was low, and the snowline lower

With the storm overnight we woke up to snow in the high country and drizzle down low, after a quick discussion amongst the group we decided to split up.  Half of us would head out on bikes to Barrier Lake for a long ride and the rest of us would opt to go west to Banff national park to trail run from Mt Norquay over Edith pass to the 1a highway.  

trying to avoid muddy horse churned goo

The bonus for the trail runners was that we’d finish in Banff and could take advantage of the pool and hot-tub facilities which were a god send after a couple of soggy hours running in the rain.  After an hour and a half or so of flapping around in the pool and hot tub the life guard approached us and asked if we could give Deb a call at home…..   who informed us that the mtb crew had taken a wrong turn and was having an epic at Nakiska ski area, had bonked and needed to picked up.  I was definatly reminded of our wrong turn during last years camp and had a chuckle at the irony.  

We left Banff and headed out to K-country to pick up the mountain bikers, which we found “warming up” in the Nakiska Village pub.  They were dirty, smelly and tired but smiling and devouring a few thousand calories of pub food each.   It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings- Enlightenment rarely comes on a full stomach…. 


planning tomorrow


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