Victoria Goodlife Marathon (…OK, the 8km)

The Gale family kept up the tradition of running the 8km(Speers killed the half marathon) this Thanksgiving.  I never really run that many miles on the road and I decided this year to take the race more seriously and see how I could do.  One of the reasons this race is so fun is just the sheer number of people who race it every year, we were lined up with over 2600 people in the 8k.  It’s great people watching and inspiring to see so many folks from different walks of life out to race.

I cursed myself for my relaxed start line position, as the hoards of people didn’t self-seed themselves well at all, and I got caught behind a large group of elderly ladies power walking….. The first year I raced I thought it was hilarious that I ended up pacing off of the 70-74 age group winner and barely managed to pass him in the last 400 meters.  This year I hung in behind a 15 yr old kid managed to form a little group and passed a few people, even though he got me in the end.  I was satisfied with my time, 31:23, and snagged 6th out of 89 in my age category….. Full Results HERE

It’s an awesome feeling to be a part of such a large sporting event where so many people are physced on getting fitter and faster, the Gales all had PB’s too.  And the reward for the evening…. a fabulous turkey dinner!


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