The Vert180

The first race on the Canadian Calender is only a few weeks away, the Vert180 will be held on November 27th, 2010 at Calgary Olympic Park.  The biggest peak that side of the Rockies will play host to the unique format where the racer or team with  most laps in after 180 minutes wins.  It’ll be a great season primer to test your race technique and ability to wisely pace oneself….  If you’re not interested in three hours in the pain cave get some friends together, form a team and cheer each other on.

The Dirt

Date:  November 27, 2010
Time:  Starts @ 5:30pm and finishes @ 8:30pm
Where:  COP, Calgary, AB
Format:  Solo, 2-person or 4-person Team
Race:  Max Vertical Race
Cost:  $40.00

Online Reg is up NOW here or bring cash to the event


4 Responses

  1. Any word on how many vert each lap is E?

    • I just dropped Niall(one of the organisers) a line, he’ll hopefully comment here soon. My quick and dirty measure from google earth has total elev gain top to bottom about 350 ft.

  2. Each lap should be about ~350-400ft. Once there is more snow I should be able to get a better idea. I will try to make it as long as possible. It will be good transition practice!

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