Jackson Hole Rando Race 2011

Reiner, James and Myself all piled in James’ little Volkswagon golf and hit the road to get ourselves to the American Skimountaineering Championship this last weekend in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  With only a month to go until worlds it was timed to be a great fitness tester(crusher) and qualifier for the US national team.

Ninety plus racers assembled early Saturday morning.  The start line was wall to wall spandex and the deepest field to come together in North America ever.  The start was a blur of sprinting, sliding spandex that had me checking my heart rate monitor thinking, …..is this going to ease off?  We knocked off a couple of thousand feet to start and jumped into Alta One chute, shredding steep moguls while avoiding sharp rocks.  The climb up to Coombs’ run was mostly on icy moguls and while I was duking it out with James, Mike Schilling and our new friend Andy, up in the lead Reiner, Brendan, Pete and Luke were raging through the course.  Highlights for me were the infamous Corbetts couloir bootpack and the technical, bitchy skinning through frozen moguls.

After 8000 feet of hard-earned vertical Reiner finished first, followed by Brendan, Luke and Pete.  My favorite part was Reiner(the unknown Canadian) coming across the line first and the timers, looking perplexed it wasn’t Swenson, asked him if he was in the rec category, to which he calmly chuckled and told them he’d just won.   Also impressive showing from Luke Nelson who was relatively new on the scene and shook things up and earned himself a spot on the American National Team. 

A great weekend of racing, Sunday brought us over Teton Pass and lined up in Targhee to do it all over before a LONG drive home to work the next morning.  HUGE thanks to Nate Brown who took the Canadians into his home and treated us like family, we owe you one buddy!


5 Responses

  1. Nice Work! Looked super fun!

  2. Nice job team Canada at the races. It was good to meet you fellas and good luck in Europe.

  3. Thanks Layne, It was good to meet you too!

  4. IAN
    My name is Karoly Peter,I moved from europe 3 years ago and now after finished to set up our life here (and 2 kids 🙂 ),I would like to restart the racing…I was racing with the romanian team betwen 1997-2005 including many races in europe and the wc in 2004.After a tragic accident (avalanche) I lost 5 friends and made the decision to turn to the family life… I would have some questions about things,if you can send me your e-mail adress or phone nr I would be thankful.
    Wish you all the best and hopefully see you on mar 26-27 in Golden.

    Thank you,Karoly.

    • Hi Karoly,

      Thanks for getting in contact, I’m always excited to hear from people getting(back) into racing! I’ll drop you an email. See you at the Dogtooth Dash.


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