Tiki Torch Dash 2011 Report

Amidst one of the largest winter storms that the Dogtooth Range has seen in the last 30 years, a few proud racers celebrated the snowfall with the second edition of the  Tiki Torch Dash.

The Tiki Torch Dash has a way of bringing extreme weather, last year it was frigid minus 20 temps this year it was a different phenomenon.  While I’m not one to be superstitious or make bold, wide-sweeping statements, I will say that the 2011 Tiki Torch Dash is fully responsible for the extreme snowfall that buried the little town of Golden.  Just saying.

This year we changed up the course a bit and geared it towards a more animated spectator friendly format.  The “V” shape course(two ups per lap) that looped back to the base area, put a greater emphasis on solid transitions while still being short enough for straight up sprint style tactics.  Because of massive snowfalls the surrounding highways were all shut down so those who did make it out were treated to a fun low-key event that had a great locals feel to it.  High fives, big smiles and solid costumes were all the flavor of the evening.

As our SMCC ref for the event couldn’t even get into Golden, the vertical “King and Queen of the Hill”  race was done as a more toonie race style, with a friendly 19 minute battle between Peter Knight and myself to the top of the Catamount chair.  Keep an eye on Peter this season with his bike racing background and dedicated skimo setup he’s chomping at the heels of the Nat’l  team members and throwing down fast race times.

Hands down costume award went to Ken Mcdiarmid and Aaron Enns of Golden for their “monsters from space” inspired garb.  To finish the night we sat down to a gut busting pasta dinner and a fun awards ceremony with almost everyone walking away with a prize.

See Full results here


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