Dogtooth Dash Sunday Relay

Skitheory photo

For me a really exciting addition to the Dogtooth Dash weekend is the Teams Relay event that we held on Sunday.  Based out of the mid mountain Yurt Cafe the course was a condensed version of a full Skimountaineering course.  The  U-shaped course consisted of two 300 foot climbs and descents with some bootpacking and skating to the finish.  The fact that the whole course was visible from the big comfy lounge chairs on the Yurt Patio made it awesome for cheering, spectating and giving the un-educated a glimpse of what Ski-mountaineering racing is all about. 

Teams of 2,3 and 4 ripped around the course for a total of 4 laps per team, with the top honors going to team Sandbag – Bernier & Mcnab.  Congrats to our Junior racers too, who give me hope that Canada will have a strong team going to the Olympics in 2018.

Tired legs and lungs were definitely a limiting factor in the top end speed possible but no-one seemed to mind much instead taking the opportunity to have a little competitive fun and cheer each other on.   Oh and the BBQ, sunshine and beers waiting at the finish line, that didn’t hurt the festive mood either.

Thanks to all teams who came out for the race, I had a blast and I’m fired up for next year, Many thanks also to the vollunteers who helped set up the course and the timers who kept track of everyone flawlessly.


2 Responses

  1. In the blue race suit – Manfred Reichegger on steroids :))

    To see Manfred from a year ago check this pic:

  2. Wow, he must have been taking it easy on us Canadians….. 🙂

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