Golden Rite of Passage: Skiing the Seven

"The Seven" is the prominent snow cornice/crossload right below the summit *click to enlarge

As Goldenites get on with life and enjoy spring in the valley bottom after an epic winter, we have a beacon above us, beckoning us to get back into the high country, leave the running shoes and bikes alone for a day and get one last kick at the can.  “The Seven” forms every spring lending the mountain it’s name-sake.  It’s a great summit, well used by mountain bikers and para-gliders who aren’t afraid to take advantage of the forestry road that goes almost all the way to the alpine.

I took a few hours yesterday afternoon to burn up and “Ski the Seven”.  A half hour of serious 4x4ing and few hours of hiking/running, the mutt and me were plunked on top of the most accessible peak in the area.  The snow was the consistancy of creamed corn and a few schmeary turns were the perfect way to salute a fabulous season behind us.  Classic.


2 Responses

  1. I want to bike the 7 (though it will have lost its 7’ness by the time I bike it)

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