Crested Butte: Sprint Race

Ouch, that was painful but Short at least.  Two ups, two downs on a 6 minute(avg) course with racers leaving every thirty seconds it was a spectators dream.  Racers buzzed all over the course despite the -19 C temps, fighting for mere seconds battling to keep fingers working.  As expected in a race that short small errors proved fatal, blow a skin and you could lose 20 seconds which could be 4 places.

Partial unofficial results:

  1. Manfred Reichegger(ita) 4:48
  2. Reiner Thoni(can) 5:09
  3. Lorenzo Holzknect (ita) 5:10
  4. Andrew Mcnab (can) 5:19
  5. Jan Koles (usa) 5:24


  1. Melanie Bernier(can) 5.39
  2. Janelle Smiley (usa) 5:57
  3. Sari Anderson (usa) 6:28

Awesome to see the Canadians sitting on top after today! Other notable Canadian finishers were Julie Matteau in 6th at 7:14, Ian Gale 13th at 5.58 and Steve Sellers 29th at 7:06.

We’re just relaxing now, preping for tomorrow when the real racing will start.  After helping with course set up for the Sundays individual race I know its going to be a burly one!


One Response

  1. Yay for the quick post, and for the excellent times! Good luck to all of you tomorrow.

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