2012 Dogtooth Dash Results

Great two days of skimo racing went down at Kicking Horse Resort again, there was awesome turnout for both the Dogtooth Dash main event and Sundays team’s relay. Thanks to all the racers, sponsors and most of all our wicked vollunteers. Full race report with pictures coming soon.


The Dogtooth Dash: 2012 Dogtooth Dash Winners

The Sunday Relay: 2012 Sunday Sprint Race Winners


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on a solid event E and Horse. Good turn-out and, most important, quite a few new names! Really felt weird yesterday not being there.

  2. Yes, a great turnout even without many of us regulars not racing!

    And hats off to Ian for putting it on! For me, it was great to reconnect with people by manning a check-point after some years and running around to setup the course the day before. But that is easy stuff compared to 100 things the main guy has to have on his mind. Hats off Ian 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. It was really fun this year to see it all come together. There was alot of volunteer labor that went into the race and I’m always humbled by how generous people are with their time! Thanks ALL.

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