2012 Ken Jones Classic

Short, sweet and the morning of... the best kind of race briefing

“Don’t break a ski” some smart ass yelled at me while I dropped into the last descent off of Lipalien peak on the larch side of Lake Louise ski area. All that was left was a couple thousand foot descent and a long ski-out around to the front side. I had a minute lead on the racers behind me and I knew the descent well enough but all I could think was “keep it together and for crissakes don’t break a ski, don’t break a ski

The weather was great that morning, a bit of fresh snow and splitter blue skies. After a chilly start to the race, everyone settled into a pretty comfortable pace, at this point in the race season most racers were not that interested in hurting too bad off the line.

After barely making the race start Reiner hung out in the pack for a couple minutes before looking around confused as to why we were going so slow, and then proceeding to drop the hammer and disappearing out of sight. Mcnab hung in for a while as well managing to BS until he’d had enough and started to turn it up. Peter and Eric Carter started pushing the pace with Stever and myself just behind.

The first descent down Whitehorn 2 spread the pack out a bit, with me pulling ahead of Pete and Eric who stayed on hunt for the rest of the race, shuffling positions and keeping the pressure cranked up for the next two hours.

At this point I have to give props to Eric again for racing really hard and pushing the pace the whole race! With specific race skis he will be a serious threat in the future.

Frantically checking over my shoulder for the rock garden descent, the course diverted into the trees for a whooped out little monkey trail. On high alert I skied cautiously through spotting the exact spot, the exact whoop that I broke my ski on last year and after cutting a wide arc to stay the hell away from it, managed to finally relax and let the rest of the race unfold, alternately skating, tucking and poling my way to third place.

Congrats to Reiner Thoni and Andrew Mcnab for their first and second place finishes respectively as well as Peter Knight and Eric carter for their 4th and 5th places. The lady’s side of the house went to Mel “The Burner” Bernier, followed by Martha Burley and Carla Mckirdy in second and third.

The second annual Ken Jones Classic has grown into a fantastic race and a great offering from the Lake Louise Skipatrol. Huge thanks to the guys and gals in red for the safe course with beautiful skin tracks as well as all the volunteers, course marshals and the folks from the Alpine club of Canada who support he race and make it happen! Thanks Dave, Brenda and Ryan!


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