Alpine Summer

Thought I’d post a few more pictures I took this summer from a few alpine climbing days I got in this summer.  The pictures are from Mt Louis, Mt Tupper and the Avalanche-Eagle-Uto Enchainment, all awesome days, many thanks to Billie and Jeff for sharing the rope with me.

Late summer and fall turned out to be beautiful and I felt lucky that I had a (mostly) understanding pregnant wife who let me shirk off house chores to escape into the mountains.

Preggers herself sending at the Back of the Lake

Mt Assiniboine

Life’s been busy as of late with work and family stuff, I feel lucky that Billie and I managed to get out and have a go at Assiniboine.  A Rockies classic and a fine day spent in the hills with a good friend. Continue reading

Mt Victoria -South Summit

Reiner and I took advantage of a few days off I had and made a go at the SE ridge of Mt Victoria. The route is a classic Rockies mountaineering objective and standing at 11,365ft it’s East face looms above Lake Louise, because of this it’s viewed through more camera lenses than perhaps any other peak in Canada.

After a short bus fiasco we were on our way to the Ohara valley on the only motorised access in. With our anorexic overnight packs shouldered we put our heads down and got to the Abbot Pass hut quickly.  The idea was to  spend as little time as possible in the scree bowling alley up to the Col. Dinner and sleep ensued shortly after arriving in preparation for our 6 am start, as it was an onsight effort for both of us neither Reiner or I felt like climbing much of the route in the dark.

The route was a mix of steep snow, easy rockclimbing and steep exposed ridge walking.  Moving ropeless and finding well setup snowy conditions we made fast progress and arrived at the South Summit in abit over 3 hours.  Another hour and a half down and we were shnoozing in the empty(quiet) hut before packing up and heading down to sniff out a coffee and pastry from the cafe at the bus-stop.

Mt MacDonald- The guardian of Mr Roger’s pass

Well Major A. B. Rogers must have had a hell of a time navigating around Mt Macdonald when he was commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway to find a route through the Selkirks.  Mount Macdonald would have been the last major obstacle in getting over the pass proper as he travelled along the long west ridge and gigantic, ominous North face.  It proved to be such an obstacle that the CPR would opt to tunnel 8 km through Mt Mac just to avoid the steep rugged, avalanche prone face.

With the very same N face looming overhead Jeff and I headed up towards the Continue reading

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