Race Rules and Regulations

Race Rules

RACE BRIEFINGS: There will be two Race Course and Weather/Snow conditions briefings, one before the event at final registration / technical meeting, and one just before the start.

SUMMARY RULES: based on ISMF rules for International Ski Mountaineering Competition

  1. The listed mandatory gear must be carried by the racer throughout the entire race and be available for inspection at any time.
  2. Competitors must arrive at the starting area at the time set.
  3. The Race Director reserves the right to modify the event and race course at any time for safety reasons.
  4. The route passes Sequence points (unoccupied) and Checkpoints (w/ course official).
  5. The track is marked with green flags on the ascents, and red flags on the descents.
  6. Sequence points (generally changes in course direction) are marked as square flags or banners on bamboo poles on the course. Sequence points must be passed by within 2 meters.
  7. Control Points (transitions to or from skinning or skiing) are marked with square flags or banners on bamboo poles, have a course marshal present, and must also be passed within 2 meters.
  8. At each manned gate or checkpoint, the Racer must shout their number.
  9. A GPS can be carried and may be used on the course.
  10. Cellular telephones may be carried for emergency use, but must be off during racing so as not to interfere with transceiver signals.
  11. In case of withdrawal during the race, the competitor must notify the Race Organizers (via the closest checkpoint) by any means and in the shortest time possible.
  12. The Organizers reserve the right to force a competitor to withdraw for health or safety reasons.
  13. The bib numbers are exclusively reserved for the markings printed by the Organization. They must be worn on the right thigh over all other clothing.
  14. Waivers must be signed by all racers at the pre-race meeting. 


  1. Any competitor who is caught up to, must obligatorily and immediately yield the trail to the competitor who says ‘’TRACK’’.
  2. Any competitor in difficulty may abandon the race at his own initiative or be taken out of the race  by decision of the Race Director, Race Coordinator, Ski Patrol, or the Race Doctor.
  3. Abandoning or being taken out of the race should take place at a checkpoint except in extreme circumstances.
  4. All racers are obligated to come to the aid of a person in danger. The Race Director will take into account the time spent providing assistance.
  5. Any failure to obey the regulations of conduct which is reported to or viewed by the Race Director must be dealt with according to the ISMF regulations and will be examined by the Race Director. This may result in a disciplinary council.
  6. No external material assistance is permitted.
  7. For those Competitors awarded in any category at SMCC events, it is mandatory to attend the award presentation. Otherwise, they will receive a penalization.

Mandatory Gear List
*SKI MOUNTAINEERING COMPETITION CANADA / COMPÉTITION DU SKI RANDONNÉE CANADA are allowing Telemark and Splitboard setups to be a part of their races. To be allowed, skis, boots, bindings, and poles must be a Telemark or Splitboard set-up in the eyes of the equipment judges – cross country ski equipment will not be accepted. 
Skins* No bootpacking, snowshoeing or Cross country gear allowed

Clothing: minimum required to carry or wear

  • Two Layers for Lower body
  • Three Layers for Upper body
  • Warm Hat

Gloves: must cover the whole hand: covering whole head

Avalanche Beacon, Shovel and Probe (screw together ski poles not allowed) 

Bivi Sac or Survival Blanket

: 20 liter minimum

Helmet: To be worn on all downhills 

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