Wapta Speed Traverse 2012: Success

Pushing to the Balfour High Col

2:30 in the morning is a ridiculous time for an alarm to go off, stumbling out of bed to go skiing when the grass is green and it’s warm outside seems silly but when my alarm went off after 4 hours of sleep I was wide awake and psyched.

The idea of the Wapta Traverse done in a single push in Skimountaineering race style is something I’ve obsessed about for years.  I feel a goal like this gives the hours of training and racing a sense of purpose.  Trying to time the conditions to be just right is challenging bordering on impossible, there’s too many variables to ever guarantee success.  Snow conditions,  varying terrain, nutrition, gear, weather all need to be in order to see the mission complete.  It’s easy to not get it right.

The trip started poorly as Melanie Bernier and I skied down from the Bow Summit to Peyto Lake, navigating by headlamp and memory I attempted to cut a corner between two switch backs which ended up taking us off route skiing through a steep scrubby rocky treed section where we had to run/stumble down hill in 70 cms of isothermal snow.  It was rough going, but our stoke and caffeine levels were high enough that it Continue reading


Columbia Icefields

Day 1:

After a leisurely start to the day we started the long flat slog up the Athabasca Glacier before reaching the crux of hanging seracs overhead. This was more of a steady plod than anything with some amusing moments watching other groups with crushingly heavy loads. The wrap off of the Athabasca around Snowdome was uneventful yet slow as we climbed into the thick cloud layer. We opted for the rope at this point and Continue reading

2012 Ken Jones Classic

Short, sweet and the morning of... the best kind of race briefing

“Don’t break a ski” some smart ass yelled at me while I dropped into the last descent off of Lipalien peak on the larch side of Lake Louise ski area. All that was left was a couple thousand foot descent and a long ski-out around to the front side. I had a minute lead on the racers behind me and I knew the descent well enough but all I could think was “keep it together and for crissakes don’t break a ski, don’t break a ski

The weather was great that morning, a bit of fresh snow and splitter blue skies. After a Continue reading

Twitter interview with Reiner


More info here on www.skintrack.com

2012 Dogtooth Dash Video

2012 Dogtooth Dash Results

Great two days of skimo racing went down at Kicking Horse Resort again, there was awesome turnout for both the Dogtooth Dash main event and Sundays team’s relay. Thanks to all the racers, sponsors and most of all our wicked vollunteers. Full race report with pictures coming soon.


The Dogtooth Dash: 2012 Dogtooth Dash Winners

The Sunday Relay: 2012 Sunday Sprint Race Winners

Crested Butte : Individual Race

Well my headache is starting to subside, I’ve napped, eaten a greasy reward cheeseburger and have come to peace with the results. It was a difficult race, mostly above 10000 ft with a beautiful fixed line ascent of a low fifth class ridge that bottlenecked and splintered the group resulting in a huge gap between competitors.

The race today decided the North American Champion combining times of the sprint and individual races.

Results below:

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