Alpine Summer

Thought I’d post a few more pictures I took this summer from a few alpine climbing days I got in this summer.  The pictures are from Mt Louis, Mt Tupper and the Avalanche-Eagle-Uto Enchainment, all awesome days, many thanks to Billie and Jeff for sharing the rope with me.

Late summer and fall turned out to be beautiful and I felt lucky that I had a (mostly) understanding pregnant wife who let me shirk off house chores to escape into the mountains.

Preggers herself sending at the Back of the Lake

Mt Assiniboine

Life’s been busy as of late with work and family stuff, I feel lucky that Billie and I managed to get out and have a go at Assiniboine.  A Rockies classic and a fine day spent in the hills with a good friend. Continue reading

Victoria 8km road race

The Victoria Goodlife Marathon has become a family thanksgiving family tradition for us in the Gale clan. It’s wild to line up with 2400 people in the 8km road race, yah…. The 8k ….There’s no way you could catch this cowboy running 42 clicks on pavement.

The energy walking downtown to the start line at the parliament is electric, the closer you get people start streaming out of every nook and cranny in all assortments of fancy/nerdy running gear.

After wishing Shauna goodluck in the half, and getting sorted into the start corral with Billie and my mom, Bill and I decided that the self seeded start line wasn’t very well self seeded so we promptly elbowed past hundreds of nervous racers to within a few meters of the elite racers, and then we waited.

** No we didn’t run in the cartoon costumes, but I wish we had of **

All 2400 racers counted down the last 10 seconds to the word GO!!!!! The start was the expected bob and weave until racers settled in. I hung in with some pretty badass Continue reading

ROAM Rando Rally

I’ve always wanted to go to check out the Kootenay Coldsmoke Festival but have never had the chance, this last weekend I finally had a chance to fix that and spent the weekend deep in the heart of the West Kootenays.  The Coldsmoke itself is a smattering of events over the course of three days clinics, gear demos and evening parties.
The main reason for our attendance was the ROAM Randonee rally which ran for the 4th year and is famous for awesome prizing from sponsers who really step up.  G3, Arcyteryx, Black Diamond, Mountain Gear and Dynafit all hand out some amazing prizes. Continue reading

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