Eagle Pk

Photo Courtesy of http://www.skimostoke.com

On Saturday Jeff and I made plans to climb and ski Eagle Peak at the Pass.  Conditions were near perfect on the SW face, travel was fast but firm requiring all the pointy implements in our packs; ski crampons, foot crampons, mtn axes and whippets.  Once off the top 100 ft and into the sun the corn skiing was delicious.

It’s a great time to be in the hills right now, conditions are fast and the mountains are empty.  Once the weather smartens up it’ll be time to get after it again!

Colvin below the Eagle bowl headwall

Uto and Sir Donald from the summit of Eagle


Columbia Icefields

Day 1:

After a leisurely start to the day we started the long flat slog up the Athabasca Glacier before reaching the crux of hanging seracs overhead. This was more of a steady plod than anything with some amusing moments watching other groups with crushingly heavy loads. The wrap off of the Athabasca around Snowdome was uneventful yet slow as we climbed into the thick cloud layer. We opted for the rope at this point and Continue reading

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